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Splendid typographic video ‘how to handle the gap between taste (ambition) and ability’

THE GAP by Ira Glass from frohlocke on Vimeo.

Ira Glass offers really inspiring advice to people struggling with a gap between their tastes and their abilities in the video The Gap by photographer Daniel Sax. The video features a series of typographic visualisations set to Glass’ words. Sax created the video after watching another typographic video of Glass’ talk by artist David Shiyang Liu. Both videos are based on part 3 of the PRI video series ‘Ira Glass on Story Telling’.

Helpful little video on the language of design

Lovely piece of work that elegantly tells the basic of good design. Covering the basics in under 3 minutes. Thank you Erica Gorochow for sharing.

Nifty little video – everyday things that change your mood

Everyday Things That Affect Your Mood” is a new video by BuzzFeed. It explores how the things around you can affect your mood and offers simple solutions to foster change. Thank you BuzzFeed

Nice example of an animated video for learning content


Example tipped by a Welsh friend – cheers Rich! What makes it stand out is its a simple animation that helps to enhance the learning experience. In less than 3 minutes you get an idea of the roll out plans and the various types of connection that are coming.

Source Superfast Cymru

Simple, stylish, short video based learning from the Open University.

Screen Shot 2013-06-15 at 10.03.52

This is a series of short animations that introduce six key design movements, from Gothic Revival to Postmodernism. It makes a great case for simple, short, video based learning. With the inclusion of a diagnostic test to understand your design preferences adding that extra bit of learner engagement. Really love the simplicity and presentation.

It was put together by Clive Hilton at the Open University.

The importance of sound design

To illustrate here are a couple of videos. Try watching them without sound, then with. The difference is surprising.

Poor sound design can undo hard work in an instant. Get it right and it can do wonderful things to enhance, re-enforce or even change a message.

To help I’ve taken the info found here and made a printable .ppt audio production checklist to help get it right. Audio Checklist.

This post continues the general theme of visual voice. Please comment with your thoughts.

Thank you to Richard W. ScottParamotion Films and Knowledge One.

Animated Videos in eLearning

I like this style of informative video, so investigated a couple of ways of making something similar. Not got round to trying it yet, but these tools are the best I can find. Please share if you know of better.

Thank you Chaos Collective; Click Here. and Powtoon; Click Here.

Video Story Telling

There’s something about the shooting and story telling that makes this a really engaging film.

Web Video Learning

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 16.00.21

Example of web, brand and video working together in harmony. The better the design the more invisible it becomes. When you consciously take in all the small touches in this learning site, it’s hard not to be impressed. Click Here.

Web Multi-media Story Telling

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 15.15.17

A nice example of simple, effective and engaging story telling. Combines video and animation to capture attention. Provides simple sign-posting, using a journey progress indicator at the bottom. Click Here.