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Employee induction and engagement. A case study.

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This is an interesting idea when applied to company induction and the history of the business. Make an art installation out of it.

You can see a bit more of it here:

HSBC History Wall and Interactives

Thank you Managing Business Archives. Click Here.

UX Design as a Guide to eLearning Design

uxmag.com front page

Maybe a touch off topic, but a useful article on user interface design to provide a richer experience. Should be applicable to eLearning design. Thank you UXmag.com. Click Here.

Design basics from IBM


This excellent article covers software design principles in a few simple rules. Recommend as a way to ‘sense-check’ things are focussed on the end user experience. As a bunch of rules to follow they are pretty useful.

Great Site Design

The New York Times Snow Fall Story

The New York Times Snow Fall Story

Although not strictly eLearning, it is a stunning example of online storytelling. Showcasing how to combine multimedia to enhance rather than distract – and a chilling story to boot!. Click Here.