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Stop Frame Animation – History of Typography

A good story, some scissors and paper and its amazing what can be done. This a great example of a stopframe animation helping to bring a story to life.

Thank you Richard for the pointer.

The best learning design – simple, effective and a call to take action.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 20.14.05This is a great example showing how a complex subject can be simplified in way that can ‘make sense’ and call the audience to action. It’s nicely paced and animated; well worth checking out Newsbound to see more examples.

Thank you to zeroknowledgeprivacy.com and newsbound.com

‘Nice cat’ – inspirational story telling

Brilliant example of story telling. What makes it so brilliant? The honesty, the humour, the illustrations and the cast of characters. Thank you Jarret J. Krosoczka. Click Here.

Present Like a Boss – Spicy Learning Blog Article

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 09.48.12

Interesting article on the use of Haiku Deck. From the Spicy Learning Blog. Thank you Royan Lee. Click Here.

Video Story Telling

There’s something about the shooting and story telling that makes this a really engaging film.

Web Multi-media Story Telling

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 15.15.17

A nice example of simple, effective and engaging story telling. Combines video and animation to capture attention. Provides simple sign-posting, using a journey progress indicator at the bottom. Click Here.