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Showing or telling which is best for learning?

I can’t understand a word he’s saying but I’ve certainly learnt something.

In this video a Russian man demonstrates how to open a can of food using only your bare hands. Even though he’s explaining the process in Russian, his demonstration clearly communicates the proper method.

Thank you Grigoryi1



Design basics from IBM


This excellent article covers software design principles in a few simple rules. Recommend as a way to ‘sense-check’ things are focussed on the end user experience. As a bunch of rules to follow they are pretty useful.

Simplify and Breathing Room

Example of revised New York parking signs.

New York’s redesigned street signs are a great example of giving ‘real estate’ to information base on priority. The signs are shorter and trim the information from 250 characters to the size of a tweet, a streamlined 140. A consistent font, left-aligned layout, and more white space make the signs easier to read, vital for parking information that needs to be understood at a glance.

Visual Voice

2 posters of Goodfellas. 1 is the original, the second has had the font & colour changed.

Great article and example of ‘visual voice’ – using font and colour ineffectively can make things discordant for learners, get them right and things add-up.