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Stylish use of long scroll for learning content

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Journey to the Centre of the Earth

How far would you have to travel to reach the Earth’s core? And what would you see along the way? Discover what lies beneath…

Really stylish example of long scroll to deliver learning content. Via BBC

Neat new (and free) ebook from the eLearning Network


For the past four years, the eLearning Network has asked members to submit their tips in the run up to Christmas. These appear on the ELN Insights blog. Now Mark and Sarah Berthelemey have reviewed the last four year’s worth of material, and pulled together the most useful of them into a freely-downloadable ebook: Elearning tips from the pros

Thank you Mark and Sarah and all the experts who have kindly given their time, and knowledge for our benefit.

Disclosure: I am a member of the eLearning Network, having joined to advance my knowledge and expertise as a content creator. I can highly recommend their mentor programme and networking events.

Articulate Social Media Policy eLearning from Hitachi Data Systems

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 08.07.01

Nice example of social media policy eLearning from Hitachi Data Systems.

iPhone eLearning


Here’s an example of learning delivery through iPhones. The learner receives 2 emails a week containing the learning content. Followed by a weekly challenge to practice the skills. I’m interested in how this approach might work in a workplace setting. Thank you Photojojo. Click Here.

It’s the 70:20:10 principal of learning in the workplace that makes this appealing.

Thank you Charles Jennings. Click Here. And Fusion Universal. Click Here.

Useful list of eLearning resources

Screen Shot of the elearningindustry.com website

Free Tools for eLearning Development:
23 Microsoft Free Teaching Tools for Educators 
List of 18 Free Tools to Create Infographics for your Learners
15 Social Learning Tools Every Online Educator Should Know About
List of 17 Free Screen Capturing Tools
15 Free Podcast Tools
Ultimate List of 34 Free Music for eLearning Development
27 Free Survey Polls Quizzes Tools for eLearning
List of 32 Free Photo and Image Editing Tools
15 Free Testing and Quizzing Tools for Online Education
19 Free Text To Speech tools for Educators

Authoring Tools:
Free Authoring Tools for eLearning – 13 Authoring Tools
List of Authoring Tools: Part 1 – 50 Authoring Tools
List of Authoring Tools: Part 2 – 40 Authoring Tools
List of Authoring Tools: Part 3 – 37 Authoring Tools

Learning Management Systems:
The Ultimate list of Open Source Learning Management Systems
List of Learning Management Systems: Part 1 – 70 LMSs
List of Learning Management Systems: Part 2 – 50 LMSs
List of Learning Management Systems: Part 3 – 30 LMSs

Thank you elearningindustry.com. Click Here.

Animated Videos in eLearning

I like this style of informative video, so investigated a couple of ways of making something similar. Not got round to trying it yet, but these tools are the best I can find. Please share if you know of better.

Thank you Chaos Collective; Click Here. and Powtoon; Click Here.