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Interactive photos, new buildings and the London skyline.


The Guardian has put together this interesting interactive photo series to illustrate the  effect of the ever-changing London skyline and how new construction of larger and taller buildings will change it. The Gherkin, The Shard, The Leadenhall Building (the Cheesegrater), The Heron Tower, and 20 Fenchurch Street (the Walkie-Talkie) have made their mark on London, but there are many more to follow.

From an education design perspective it’s interesting to come across the use of self-discovery to help engage with the message and learning content.

Whilst on the subject of these new buildings, here’s a beautifully shot time lapse of the Cheesegrater being built by filmmakers Dan Lowe and Paul Raftery.

1970’s New York City Transport Authority Graphics Standards Manual

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 09.09.52

The best design is ageless and simple. Plus the way this 1970’s manual is presented for viewing in 2013 is so slick. Beautiful.

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 09.16.10

Posted online by New York City-based designers Niko SkourtisJesse Reed, and Hamish Smythe.

Thank you. Click Here.

Useful Colour Blindness Check Tool


Easy way to check eLearning works for people with colour blindness. Upload an image and it shows you how it will look. Thank you Etre. Click Here.

Simplify and Breathing Room

Example of revised New York parking signs.

New York’s redesigned street signs are a great example of giving ‘real estate’ to information base on priority. The signs are shorter and trim the information from 250 characters to the size of a tweet, a streamlined 140. A consistent font, left-aligned layout, and more white space make the signs easier to read, vital for parking information that needs to be understood at a glance.

Visual Voice

2 posters of Goodfellas. 1 is the original, the second has had the font & colour changed.

Great article and example of ‘visual voice’ – using font and colour ineffectively can make things discordant for learners, get them right and things add-up.

The Art of Web Design

PBS Off Books video explaining the fundamentals of good web design. Useful for explaining grid layout and how the user content defines the layout.