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Look and feel for training materials – branding

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I’ve been looking for examples where instructional design is implemented with a consistent ‘look and feel’ to a range of learning materials: eLearning, powerpoint, written documents, video, etc.

I’m running a project to create a style guide and have been doing background research – (it’s one of the reasons I started this blog).

Trying to find world class examples has proven challenging, however this blog from Andrew Kim is a great example of brand. He’s laid out not only the finished proposal but the background research as well. Thank you Andrew for sharing it. Click Here.


Great Site Design

The New York Times Snow Fall Story

The New York Times Snow Fall Story

Although not strictly eLearning, it is a stunning example of online storytelling. Showcasing how to combine multimedia to enhance rather than distract – and a chilling story to boot!. Click Here.